28 September, 2009

Step right up!!! Competition time!

Right to celebrate me entering the blogging world, I am having a little competition. 

I'm offering this lovely cobalt and aurae shard trio, I call it "Curled up on Cobalt"

So what do you have to do to win? Well all you need to do is follow my little blog. It is worth doing as I will be having regular competitions and be putting all my new beads on here first. I will even have some beads shown exclusively here for you to nab that I won't list on Etsy.

I will draw this next Monday (5th oct) evening and post it on here. Anyone who has followed my blog will be put into the proverbial hat and I will get my lovely hubby to draw the winner.

Have fun! xx

Beads made today!!

I managed to get a couple of hours at the torch today which was fun and frustrating!

I'm still getting to grips with my marble press and have been using it non stop-i do love a round bead and i'm of the mentality that beads are round lol! But in obsessing over this beautiful press so much I unfortunately have neglected my other presses, so i did make a couple of lentil focals today as well to even the balance. I got a really yummy lentil out of some lovely Reichenbach antique clear glass and then i wrapped it in some fine silver wire. It's simple but divine!

I also got my mica powders out today after a long time and made a lovely greeny set with antique clear and some CiM dirty martini dipped in a shimmery green. I'll get some piccies up asap, they are all cooking in the kiln as we speak! Let's hope the kiln fairies will be kind!

Will be posting later about a competition for all you bloggers. xxx

27 September, 2009


Hi and welcome to my new blog!

I'm Shahlaa and I make handmade lampwork beads from molten glass. What can I say, I like playing with fire!

To celebrate the launch of my new blog I will be running regular competitions, so subscribe and keep checking back. I'll try to update this as regularly as poss, although I'm not entirely sure what to write about.

I'll write another post on why I love to lampwork and I will figure out how to do an about me page, so once I work that out you can be as nosy as you like.

Let me leave you with a few pictures of some beads I've recently posted on my Etsy

Silver glass & ivoty focal                              Aurae shard lentils (beautifully shiny!)