20 October, 2009

Been so busy!

Well last week was pretty horrid, my poor dad was taken into hospital and had to stay in all week. He's been battling cancer for 4 years now but got an infection which really knocked him back a bit. Was pretty difficult but he's home now and I'm pleased :-)

Got some time at the torch last week, got some yummy shimmer lentils and some new polkadot encased beads to share with you once they are photographed.

I've been working hard preparing some jewellery for upcoming jewellery parties and Christmas fairs so I thought I'd share one or two bits with you...


Enjoy! Will be adding details about another competition in the next week or so, so keep an eye out!

Shahlaa xx

10 October, 2009

A week of up and downs

So my week started off well and my new purple dell laptop arrived in all it's shining glory. In fact I'm writing you from it now :) Then on Weds my family had some disappointing news that my dad who is fighting cancer wasn't responding to his current regime of chemo anymore. That was a bit of a blow, but they are going to change the regime and he might have to have another operation.

So it's been a hard week and I've not had too much time to make beads but here are a few for you to drool over!

Pastel Icicle Set (made with sugar frit) available on Etsy

Polka dot sets - white and periwinkle  available on Etsy

Also managed to work some magic with Raku this week. Raku is a reactive frit, if heated up enough you can tease gorgeous colours out of them. If not you can end up with brown poop! Unfortunately even though the beads look to die for, the holes weren't amazing so they are very slight seconds-i haven't put them on etsy for this reason but if you want them just email me or leave a comment.

05 October, 2009

Competition winner announced!!

Well my hubby drew a lucky lady out of the hat tonight and Sally Graddon wins my set of beads!!

Congratulations Sally!! Send me an email to shahlaa@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get it posted out to you :-)

Look out for more regular competitions. I will be doing another one in a couple weeks :-)

01 October, 2009

The new beads I promised

So I rediscovered my pixie dust mica powder and had a little play and came up with these sage shimmer marbles

I also have been playing with some simple styles and fine silver wire. I really love the clarity of the pale blue "laguna" set, as well as the wintery feel of the "Crimson & Ivory marbles".


So I hope you like these! I haven't put them on Etsy yet, as you guys get first shout. So if there is anything you're interested in send me an email to shahlaa@hotmail.co.uk   if not I'll post em on Etsy later this week.

Shahlaa x