21 March, 2010

New beads listed on Etsy & Join my mailing list!

I have just updated my ETSY with some of the beads shown below! So do click and visit!

Also if you want to join my mailing list, drop me a line on shahlaa@hotmail.co.uk

Hope to hear from you soon! xx

20 March, 2010

New beads & a preview idea!

Hello Lovely people!

I'm so  sorry i'v not blogged in a while, but unfortunately my camera has been broken and just came back from being repaired. I've had lots of beadies just sitting here waiting to go!

Got quite a few beadies for you to see, but before i do i thought i'd share an idea I've been working on. My hubby loves bassetts allsorts so i thought I'dmake some from glass! these are just a prototype and need a little tweaking but i will be taking orders for them in the very near future.

Right now here are my latest beadies for you to have a nosy at, some of these will be on etsy in the next couple days.


Aurae Shard Heart


 Union Jack Heart & spacers

Twilight Pansies


And finally a pointy flower!

Lots of love and happy easter (in advance!)

Shahlaa xx