28 January, 2010

Shimmer all around!!

Oh my word!! how long has it been since I last posted!!!

Ok so Christmas was mega hectic for me and with all the snow I couldn't get to my torch :( but in the last week I've been at it again and hopefully going to bring you all some delights worth drooling over ;-)

I bought some pixie dust over christmas in loads of different colours but here are my first offerings:

Purple Shimmer Marbles

Midas Touch

I also have been playing with some lovely Val Cox frit which is so lovely and gives great colours!

This is Mood Swings on opal yellow and pink champagne

And some Big Hole Beads in Prince of Tides and Boro Bora

And finally a lovely lentil set in some of CiM's new greens with a splash of DH triton

 I would love to hear your comments! xx

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