13 November, 2010

New Bosom Buddies, Sets, and a Facebook Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone,

Bosom buddies have been a huge hit, especially in October for Breast Cancer awareness month. There are lots of new styles of Bosom Buddies in my Etsy shop for you to look at and £1 from every sale still goes to cancer research UK.

This bosom buddy was made with Val Cox frit "Ocelot Spots" and gives this gorgeous mottles appearance of colours.

I've also listed a couple of sets in my Etsy too including "Fortnums" which has some gorgeous Val Cox frit called Cherry Blossom.

For mailing list members, I'm offering 10% off all beads for the rest of November. All you have to do is email me at shahlaa@hotmail.co.uk requesting to be on the mailing list and I'll refund you your 10% back.

I'm also having a facebook giveaway! Once my fans hit 200 on my facebook fan site I'll give away this gorgeous, sparkly winged angel heart. So you need to be a fan on my facebook page and also "like" the competition post with the details on. http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-That-Sparkles-Beads/178997142835

You can see all my for sale beads here on my ETSY

Thanks for all your support,

Shahlaa xx

1 comment:

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