13 May, 2010

Been a while!!

Hello all! Has been a while hasn't it! Has been a rollercoaster of a few months. On the bright side, in April some friends and I went to the Flame Off, which is a massive lampworking convention at Towcester Racecourse. I saw many demos by great artists there and soent time with some great lampwork friends. I also won the public vote in the GBUK (glass beadmakers UK) competition for my entry "too many hats, so little time"! Very proud and excited to have been voted for by my own colleagues. I was also commended by one of the judges, Sharon Peters. My entry is below.

On a slightly sadder note, I was told a few weeks ago that my father, who has been fighting bowel cancer for 4.5 years, is no longer responding to treatment and now has months to live. I am still trusting God for a miracle but it has been and is a difficult time at present for me and my family.

I got some beautiful glass at the flame off so thought I'd share some pics of my new work with you.

"Too many hats, so little time"

Multicolour Dark Tabs

Multicolour Dark Heart

Remember if there are any beads (except the hats!) you would like to purchase, drop me an email to shahlaa@hotmail.co.uk

Lotsa love!

Shahlaa x


  1. Your Multicolour Dark Tabs look good - like the depth of colour. The heart is cute too.

  2. The bead-hats are great! I never see such an unique and creative design before.
    Kind regards: