31 August, 2010

Where have I been hiding???!!!

Well I've not been hiding exactly but I've definitely been out of action. I've had my medical school finals and been somewhat of a hermit while I revised for them. I have now passed them and well on my way to becoming a doctor :)

But I won't stop there! I've been back at the torch after months of revision and come up with a few goodies. They are all available on my Etsy here: ETSY

I hope you enjoy!

These 2 hearts have been inspired by the Amber Opals tutorial going around.

I've also been playing with some of Val Cox's new and old frits. The following are Playdays on unique butter pecan by CiM, and Bea's Bonnett on vetrofond light pink.

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  1. Congratulations for your finals! Gorgeous new beads!!